Third round poem they expounded on.
these people?
Yes!! These people!!
Debates on validity.

How is it, that a round is a poem?
1st round poem, a bad taste of coffee.
stale at noon. Enough to get you thru
Rounds of words.
To be judged by the sitters of such high standards.

All these rounds of poem, make a spin
they make moves, that are not better
why must it be judged?!
does the poem thats graded,
not lose it vital viscous nectar Not to be consume.

1st round of poems
Tossed, Lost, Recycled with the heap by the door.
judges by the waste on the shore
the tsumani approaches, watch it grow

Because this is my 1st, 2nd, 3rd round poem
Give me your ones.
I rather taste the clarity of solitude